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Tactical RPG Allstar Heroes is now in closed beta on Android

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Tactical RPG Allstar Heroes is now in closed beta on Android

Allstar Game’s tactical RPG, Allstar Heroes, is now in closed beta on Android.

In Allstar Heroes, players build up a team of powerful heroes to take into battle against the Darkness, an evil foe threatening to take over the world.

There are dozens of unique heroes to collect, all of which can be equipped with deadly weapons, levelled up to gain new skills, and placed in one of the thousands of battle formations available.

Each stage in the game is a different battle where you’ll test your skills against an AI opponent - if you’re skilled enough, you can even prevent their attacks entirely.

If PvP is more your thing, you can take your team into battle against a friend over Bluetooth or compete against one of thousands of players in the Arena.

The best part about Allstar Heroes is that it can all be controlled with just one finger.

To celebrate the Allstar Heroes closed beta test, Allstar Games is offering players the chance to receive some free in-game items by signing up for the in-game rewards on the official website.

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