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Albion Online launched on mobile: 4 fun features to expect

Albion Online launched on mobile: 4 fun features to expect

From the farthest reaches of the five biomes to the enchanted Roads of Avalon, adventurers of Albion can now explore the vast open-world from the palm of their hand. Sandbox Interactive’s Albion Online lets you embark on epic Expeditions and triumph over different factions at war in a world that knows no bounds - only this time, you can conquer it all in a handy mobile package.

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A true cross-platform game

Fans of the franchise can log in to one account on a single server and play across all platforms, whether you’re vanquishing foes on your desktop or farming materials on your phone. And if you need any more reason to celebrate, the festivities of the mobile launch also include cross-platform rewards for players who will use the same account to log into the desktop and mobile versions. You can nab the exclusive Chimera Riding Horse Skin plus 100,000 Fame after the official launch!

Limitless exploration

Even with the vastness of the popular MMORPG’s open world, players can experience the full game on their mobile devices so you can take Albion with you wherever you go. The five biomes are out there just waiting to be explored, even on mobile. Gather raw materials, craft equipment, or do some therapeutic fishing. Join a guild and fight for your territories in massive battles, or join a City Faction and participate in Faction Campaigns to discover more about the continent.

Customize as you go

Make the most of the player-driven economy as you combine armor pieces, construct buildings, and craft weapons on your phone. Trade your gear at local marketplaces without having to check on your PC to see how your wares are doing! After earning enough currency, you can enjoy the classless "you are what you wear" system even more with new goodies to suit your play style best.


Eat, live, and breathe Albion

Eager to face off against the horrors of the Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons? How about diving into large-scale battles in 5v5 or 20v20 fights to win the best loot (and the ultimate bragging rights)? You can enjoy the Albion experience anytime, anywhere - and when you need to take a breather, you can easily claim a private plot and make it thrive however way you want to. Grow crops, raise livestock, and live the simple life in your homestead all through your mobile device.


Albion Online is now available to download for free on the App Store and on Google Play. You can check out the official website to know more about the game, or join the community of fans over on Discord, Reddit, and Facebook.