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Albion Online: Everything you need to know to maximise your endgame

Sandbox Interactive's hit MMO features high-level gameplay that'll put veteran MMO players' skills to the test

Albion Online: Everything you need to know to maximise your endgame
| Albion Online

Albion Online has been keeping MMO fans entertained since 2017 with its deep gameplay mechanics and vibrant fantasy world. While newcomers to the medieval sandbox MMORPG can no doubt find numerous ways to get their feet wet, veteran gamers can also have their fill of high-level content that will put even the mightiest warrior's skills to the test. If you're up for a challenge, we've got the lowdown on the hardcore endgame features the game has to offer.

Journeying to the northern continent

Ruthless and unforgiving, the massive northern continent of Albion Online ensures that only the strongest shall survive. Aptly dubbed "The Outlands", these "black zones" are certainly not for the fainthearted, as danger lurks in every corner of the wild frontier.

Winner-takes-all is the rule of the day in Albion’s black zones, which also include the Roads of Avalon, home to the most fearsome creatures that also drop the rarest loot. Those who are brave enough to wander into a portal and enter the Roads will also be rewarded handsomely for their valiant efforts.

An epic territorial claim

Apart from the challenging PvP battles players can witness and engage in, they can also join in on regular guild warfare seasons to stake their claim on territories and Hideouts.

All year round, guilds clash over various seasonal activities during Guild Seasons in the Outlands. The Lands Awakened update last year also introduced the Conqueror's Challenge, letting players acquire Might and Favor along with precious in-game goodies. Might gives players the chance to gain Might Levels for their guild, letting everyone contribute to their guilds via individual progress as well.

Rowdy group fights with massive rewards

The Crystal League, Hellgates and Elite Dungeons let players engage in group battles for bountiful in-game prizes. The Crystal League, for instance, lets players score Silver and Fame rewards in 5v5 or 20v20 battles.

Meanwhile, Hellgates provide high-level players with PvE and PvP content in teams of two, five, or ten. On the other hand, the Elite Dungeons in the Outlands let players engage in 20-man raids to see if they have what it takes to survive.

Going solo like a boss

Of course, apart from all the multiplayer features of the game, lone wolves can also go solo in tons of high-level dungeons where they can showcase their might and mettle. In particular, the Corrupted Dungeons provide one-on-one PvP encounters for players, while the Outlands can serve as good grounds for solo adventurers to prove their worth against players and monsters alike.

If you're eager to give the game a go, you can download Albion Online on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.