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AFK Football best players tier list: Ranking the best in every position

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AFK Football best players tier list: Ranking the best in every position

Ranking the best attackers, supporters, defenders, and goalkeepers in our AFK Football best players tier list.

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Updated on May 12th, 2024 - Version: 1.9.1

AFK Football has attackers, supporters (midfielders), defenders, and goalkeepers. It’s a diverse lineup that takes inspiration from real-life global soccer stars. However, its size doesn’t match its diversity. Right now, there are only 36 soccer players in AFK Football. And much like in real life, some are better at rolling the ball about while others are just strolling along. This AFK Football best players tier list separates the rollers from the strollers. But this is a slightly different tier list. So, before we start, here’s a quick explanation of the tier list.

AFK Football players tier list explained

This AFK Football best players tier list consists of four different tier lists. I’ve made a separate tier list for every on-field position. So, you get an attackers tier list, defenders tier list, supporters tier list, and goalkeepers tier list. Every tier list has four tiers- S, A, B, and C. Players in Tier S are the AFK Football GOATs. Tier A players are world-class, while Tier B has the “so-so” players. As for Tier C players, you have to make do with them as you start the game. Do not get too attached, though.

Now, with everything explained, let’s kick things off with our attackers.

Original article by Shan Zaib. Updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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AFK Football best attackers tier list

The players occupying the top two spots on the field have to beat the opposing defenders and goalkeeper to score goals. Some attackers are good at scoring, while others are great dribblers. There are a few playmakers in the mix, as well as a couple of specialist free-kick takers. So, it’s pretty hard to put this diverse cast into a tier list, but here goes.

Tier S
  • Ivan Maric - Dribbler and Goalscorer
  • Celestino Rebelo - Freekick Specialist and Goalscorer
  • Aerie Moran - Playmaker and Goalscorer

These three are the best options for the left-attacking position. Not only can they score goals at will, but they can also help the team create more scoring chances. Ivan Maric, with his insane dribbling, doesn’t need much support from others to score goals. Celestino Rebelo is the best finisher in the game. Aerie Moran, the only female player in AFK Football right now, will create a formidable attacking duo with anyone.

Tier A
  • Kenji Saito - Dribbler and Goalscorer
  • Leonardo Mendoza - Dribbler and Playmaker
  • Zacharie Dubois - Dribbler and Playmaker
  • Diogo Lopes - Goalscrorer
  • Andre Hamadou - Goalscorer
  • Rafael Negrini - Goalscorer
  • Peter Mabaso - Goalscorer

Looking at their attributes, some of these players should have been in the “Support” category. Kenji, Leonardo, and Zacharie are more midfielders than attackers. They are great at playmaking, but their finishing isn’t as good as the ones in tier S. On the other hand, Diogo, Andre, and Rafael are goalscorers who rely on the team. They’re only as good as the passes they get.

Tier B
  • Abasi Ahmed - Foul Drawer
  • Salim Alamari - Dribbler
  • Jeong Kang Dae - Freekick Specialist

Not the worst players, but you’ll have to create a system around them to get their best. For instance, Abasi Ahmed is a foul drawer. He needs to be paired up with someone like Jeong Kang Dae so the fouls can lead to goals. The same goes for Salim Alamari. He needs a Goalscorer to pass to.

Tier C
  • Viktor Helstrom - Goalscorer
  • Martin Quispe - Playmaker

These are the two attackers that you’ll start with. In the beginning, these look like absolute beasts. But you’ll see their shortcomings once you enter the big leagues. Level up these guys to win the lower leagues, but do not spend too much resources on them.

AFK Football best support tier list

There are only FOUR support specialists in the game, and all of them are Elite rarity. That’s part of the reason I use playmaking and dribbling attackers as my support players. Because of the low number of players, I’ve classified them into two tiers - S and A There are no “bad” support players, but the ones in tier S are more well-rounded and work well in every team.

Tier S
  • Jin Zhao - Buffer and Playmaker
  • Daouda Doumbia - Debuffer and Stealer
  • Oluwatobi Joseph - Buffer and Interceptor

Three of the four support players can make things happen on the field by themselves. Daouda Doumbia and Oluwatobi Joseph can steal the ball from opponents and intercept their passes. On top of that, they are elite passers who can pick out goalcorers with ease. As for Jin Zhao, he’s good at passing but even better at buffing teammates around him.

Tier A
  • Alanzo Delacruz - Buffer and Foul Drawer

On paper, he looks like the best support player in AFK Football, but in reality, he is the one who needs support. Once he draws a foul, he’s done. He can also buff the freekick-taker of the team, which amounts to very little if you already have a specialist in your squad.

AFK Football best defenders tier list

Within a mix of level-headed defenders who can stop opposition attacks and set up counter-attacks, there are some aggressive defenders in the game as well. You do want aggression on a regular football pitch, but not on the AFK Football field.

Tier S
  • Min Yong-Ho - Playmaker and Interceptor
  • Andrew Adams - Playmaker and Stealer
  • Davy Ryan - Playmaker and Stealer

These three are hands down the best defenders in the game. Along with level-headed defending, all three of these have playmaking abilities. They can pass their way out of trouble and stop opposing attackers without fouling. Min Yong-Ho stands out of the three because he intercepts passes instead of trying to steal the ball. Andrew Adams and Davy Ryan may get beaten by a dribbler, but Min Yong-Ho won’t.

Tier A
  • Omar Ait - Playmaker and Stealer
  • Yasser Gholam - Playmaker and Stealer
  • Gio Maggioni - Interceptor
  • Dario Lubrano - Stealer

While Omar Ait and Yasser Gholam are versatile defenders, they lack certain qualities, hence the A tier. They often misplace passes and have a higher chance of fouling an opposition player when trying to steal the ball. Gia Maggioni and Dario Lubrano are a decent defending duo. Dario can steal the ball and play make. Gio can intercept passes and direct shots from attackers.

Tier B
  • Luuk Jacobs - Interceptor
  • Nico Araya - Stealer

Nico Araya is a great stealer until he faces a foul drawer. He can handle dribbles, but a foul drawer is his kryptonite. Luuk Jacobs is a decent interceptor but struggles against Ultimate passes and shots.

Tier C
  • Abdou Kebe - Play Stopper
  • John Wiata - Play Stopper

Abdou Kebe and John Wiata are the ultra-aggressive defenders who are up to no good. They only know one way of stopping attacks, and that is by fouling. I don’t see myself ever using one of these guys. If you get stuck with these guys, put your best goalkeeper in goal and pray you don’t face a free-kick specialist.

AFK Football best goalkeepers tier list

With just six goalkeepers to rank, this is another short list with just three tiers - S, A, and B. Almost all are good shot-stoppers, but every goalkeeper has some weakness. That’s why only one makes it to the S tier. There are no poor goalkeepers, so there is no C tier.

Tier S
  • Jorge Ruiz - Free Kick Stopper and Free Kick Taker

Jorge Ruiz is the goal-scoring goalie who sets up goal-scoring chances for himself. When facing freekicks and direct shots, he’ll instantly look to pass the ball to an attacker or a support player. If you have a foul drawer in your squad, Jorge Ruiz will pass it to them directly. If the foul drawer wins a freekick, Jorge will then score from that freekick.

Tier A
  • Ehab Fahmy - Flying Goalkeeper
  • Raj Prasad - Shot Stopper
  • Javier Vega - Shot Stopper

If Ehab Fahmy was better at dealing with long-range shots, he would have been in the S tier. He is great at stopping direct shots and free-kicks and intercepts passes, almost playing as the third defender. Sadly, he doesn’t fare very well against long-range shots. Raj Prasad is a great shot-stopper but can’t keep out free kicks. Javier Vega is the same but has good passing abilities and can set up counterattacks.

Tier B
  • Lameck Wanjala - Shot Stopper
  • Jagr Dusek - Free Kick Stopper

Both these goalkeepers are very one-dimensional. Lameck Wanjala is great at keeping out direct shots but can be beaten with free kicks and Ultimate shots. Jagr Dusek, on the contrary, can stop most of the free kicks he faces but struggles against direct shots. If I had to suggest one of these two, I’d take Lameck Wanjala.

That’s my AFK Football best players tier list for the current meta. However, things can change quickly as the devs are slowly adding new players to the game. Since its full release, two new players (Min Yong-Ho and Andrew Adams) have already been added to the game. When more players get added to the game, this tier list will be updated accordingly.

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