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Aether Gazer release date and the rest you need to know

Aether Gazer release date and the rest you need to know

Although Aether Gazer appeared in the game industry a year or two ago, many people are still waiting for this game's release - and it's not surprising. This game seems to be of high quality, so it's worth waiting for the official Aether Gazer release date.


At the moment of writing, the game is released only in the China region, and to play Aether Gazer in other countries, you'll need to resort to a VPN or use other tricks that will allow you to install the game. However, playing the game in this tricky way is pretty uncomfortable - you'll have to struggle with substantial ping decreases, making the game nearly impossible to play.

So, the right decision is to wait until the game is released globally, and to find out when that will be, let’s have a look at the English Twitter account for Aether Gazer. 

The first tweet was on June 26th. Finally, after two years of waiting, the developers announced that the game will be available for the global community with the following: “System Backtracking… exporting Files,” and the hashtag “AetherGazer.”

The day after, on June 27th, the developers posted another tweet. It sounded a little uncertain and didn't say anything directly. Have a look at this post yourself - “File: The Raging War, In the 22nd century, conflicts broke out one after another between regions. Soon after, conflicts became wars, and wars became more intense.”

However, it was not the last tweet. The final post was made on June 29th, telling the community a specific game release date. “We are thrilled to announce that Yostar will be publishing Aether Gazer, an anime-themed, action RPG, set in a sci-fi dystopian world. Aether Gazer will be supported on iOS and Android and released in North America, Europe, and SEA. The release date is set for Q4 2022.”

So, as you can see, the release date is set for the last three months of 2022. It does seem like this date can still be easily changed in the near future, but switching up the day of the release is pretty ordinary in the game industry. Also, many bugs and glitches can appear due to the beta tests, and fixing them might take some time.

Moreover, due to the unstable situation in the world, there might be some challenges with opening proper servers in the Europe region. It would be best if you follow the Twitter account of Aether Gazer for the newest information about the game.


Also, you need to know that nothing in the game will be changed when Aether Gazer is released globally. The gameplay, characters, chances of dropping, and other things will stay the same.

The only thing that will be significantly changed is the price of microtransactions. It will vary through the regions, and no doubt that compared to prices in Asia, items in other countries will be much more expensive. Keep that in mind and don't expect to see such low prices in stores like in the Asia region.

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There have also been some discussions on Asia accounts in the European and other regions, as there are still a lot of players that are currently enjoying Aether Gazer but are not living in China. The developers haven't given any information about the further fate of such accounts. Therefore, the best decision is to stop playing on the Asia server if you do not live in Asia. And, of course, don't shell out money for the game on the Asia server - most likely, there will be separate accounts for every region. When the new servers are added, you'll likely lose your progress and will have to start from scratch.


In conclusion, Aether Gazer will finally be released worldwide after two years of waiting, and the date is Q4 2022. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on pre-registration in Aether Gazer.