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Become a legendary space commander in Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest for iOS and Android

Become a legendary space commander in Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest for iOS and Android

Mars Game’s space-based strategy game Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest is now available for iOS and Android. The game sees you taking on the role of a budding space commander whose job it is to explore the galaxy, hunt down radical rebels, and establish a new galactic order.

In the world of Aeon Wars, Earth has grown uninhabitable. By 2409, the only remaining option is a mass migration to the stars. An expeditionary fleet called the Icarus Corps is formed by the Terran Federation for the sole purpose of finding Earth’s remaining population a new home.

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However, after finding unlimited resources on a mysterious planet, the Icaraus Corps opts to betray the Federation, further pushing humanity toward the brink of extinction. As a budding space commander, it’s your job to hunt down the rebels and build a new galactic order using all the resources and advanced weaponry at your disposal.

You’ll start by running and rebuilding your very own space station. Space, as it turns out, is an incredibly hostile place, so you’ll need to build defences and weaponry to drive back opportunistic pirates and rebels. Gradually, more fleets can be developed and used to colonize and mine resources from the game’s many planets.

It’s also a real looker, beautifully depicting both the vastness of space the epic battles that take place there. You’ll explore the galaxy and meet other players from all around the world, though it’s up to you whether you want to cooperate or compete with them. If you are the competitive type, the PvP arena sees you attempting to climb the leaderboards by taking on rival players in intense battles.

Thinking strategically is the key to victory, so you’ll need to adapt to specific combat scenarios and develop your own tactics to break through enemy defences. At your disposal is a mighty arsenal of long-range missiles and other such weaponry. You’ll also have access to special troops that can perform a number of tactical attacks.

For those looking to assume the role of a legendary space commander, Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest might just be the perfect game. This one’s available now for download, so head on over to the App Store or Google Play to give it a shot.

All new Aeon Wars recruits will also have the opportunity to net some early-bird bonus rewards, including 2,000 Ranking Points, 50 U-Coins, and 50,000 Solarium. This special offer will come to an end on Sunday 14th July so make sure to head over to the official Aeon Wars website and follow the steps to receive your rewards.