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Adventure Time Appisode - Not really a game

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Adventure Time Appisode - Not really a game

It's a bit of a cliche when discussing mediocre TV or movie tie-in games to say "if you like the source material, you'll like this."

But such a lazy cop-out has never been more appropriately utilisied than here with Adventure Time Appisode.

So here goes: if you like Adventure Time, you'll like Adventure Time Appisode.


Once you've reset your banalometer, we'll discuss why that's the case.

Adventure Time Appisode isn't really a game. As the word 'Appisode' suggests, it's a combination of an app and a full episode of the show.

While the episode plays out (it's about Jake and Finn getting loads of money), you're occasionally tasked with interacting with the scene to move the plot along.

These interactions are extremely basic. They're like the early days of mini-game compendiums, where simple and clearly telegraphed touch or swipe or shake commands make stuff happen.

To say what exactly these simple tasks entail would be to spoil what little game there is here. It really is that thin.

Seen enough

It's impossible to fail at any of these tasks - even the bonus collect-'em-all meta game is virtually impossible to mess up - and there's virtually no skill involved in any of the games. Indeed, it feels like one of those toddler's apps that you find in the App Store.

Given the level of humour and the kind of media-savvy references littered here and throughout the Adventure Time universe in general, it's a shame the developer didn't trust the audience to be able to handle a greater degree of sophistication in these gameplay sections.

As it is, Adventure Time Appisode will probably last you about as long as a regular Adventure Time episode - about ten minutes. There's no replay value whatsoever.

So, we'll repeat the question: do you like Adventure Time? Then you know what to do next.

Adventure Time Appisode - Not really a game

An entertaining Adventure Time episode, but with a disappointingly slight level of interactivity layered thinly on top
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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