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Ace Racer Interview: NetEase Games producer, Jiang Yuyuan, discusses the making of its futuristic arcade racer

Ace Racer Interview: NetEase Games producer, Jiang Yuyuan, discusses the making of its futuristic arcade racer
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In case you missed it, Ace Racer, the high-octane, futuristic racing game by NetEase Games, landed for iOS and Android devices last week, bringing fans all around the world a visually stunning, arcade-style racer that lets you race and customise your dream cars to your heart's content.

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Having built up enough pre-launch attention to attract over 1 million pre-registrations, there were high expectations for NetEase Games’ stylish new racing game, and early fan reaction suggests that the hype was well justified. The neon-soaked visuals shown-off in early teaser footage are even more gorgeous than expected, and the library of cars is truly massive, encompassing both modern and vintage classics, as well as never-before-seen concept models. Then there's the racing ,which is arguably the most exhilarating you’ll find for mobile; the tracks are built for speed, allowing players to go almost full throttle throughout, and the Ultimate Skills - a set of special skills that allow your cars to perform a number of physics-defying stunts - can take any race from exciting to spectacular with the touch of a button.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ace Racer’s producer, Jiang Yuyuan, about his expectations leading up to its release, as well as gain some insight into its development.

What do you think Ace Racer offers that distinguishes it from other racing games on the mobile market?

Ace Racer gives each car a unique Ultimate, and players will get an unprecedented experience from racing. Ace Racer gives racing cars more functional definitions, divides them according to their competitive goals, including Speedster for the high speed, Interceptor for interfering with opponents, and Supporter for assisting teammates. The multi-position, multi-strategy racing mode is also what differs us from other competing products. We've also combined real-world vehicles and our self-designed fantasy vehicles into a diverse racing car library. We believe that every player who loves cars, is interested in cars, and is interested in racing will find their favourite car from Ace Racer.

Which specific aspects about the game do you feel audiences will be most excited about?

The excitement of driving at high speed on the track, the tension of racing against your opponents, the euphoric moment of releasing the Ultimate, and last but not least; the joy of winning.

Ace Racer was a huge hit in mainland China since it launched in 2021. What are your expectations now that it’s finally launched worldwide?

We hope that players all over the world will love our game. This will be our motivation to continue updating and making more fun and high-quality content!

Were there any concerns during development that the arcade elements might be too extreme for fans of realistic racing sims?

We want to bring a multi-faceted racing experience to as many players as possible, and the arcade element is only part of it. For players who want a pure racing experience, we also provide solo speedster gameplay, time trial gameplay, etc., as well as cars for racing experience only.

Lastly, what can players look forward to with future updates?

More Cars, Tracks and new unique game mechanics and events.

Ace Racer is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. If you’d like to test your racing skills and give it a try then you can find it available to download right now from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.