404 Game RE:SET launches its latest event, this time themed around one of the most legendary SEGA properties ever

404 Game RE:SET launches its latest event, this time themed around one of the most legendary SEGA properties ever

SEGA and legendary developer Yoko Taro’s successful Japan-exclusive shoot-em-up gacha RPG 404 Game RE:SET has launched its latest event, this one themed around one of the oldest franchises in the books. The Fatal Fury crossover event brings with it a brand new character along with a new scenario event to play through and various smaller additions too!

404 Game RE:SET has remained a decent success since launching only a few weeks ago. With its quirky story and awesome character designs, each based upon an old SEGA series such as Final Fight or Virtua Fighter, this gacha shooter specifically offers up lots of fanservice for old-head gamers who remember the true classics of days gone by.

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To further emphasize just how weird 404 is, the main story revolves around the main cast of characters attempting to enter a digital world to take down a mega-corporation who have a stranglehold on the place. This company’s name? SEGA, of course. Yes, a game published by SEGA features itself as the primary antagonist. Yoko Taro’s writing stays truly unmatched.

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As for the event, it adds the new Fatal Fury character with both her Anode and Cathode variants available. These can be grabbed from the new Flames of Fate and Winds of Revenge events alongside a boatload of other awards that range from upgrade materials to new cosmetics and more!

The new scenario event revolves around Fatal Fury herself and will have you tackling the new story bits as well as new missions and boss battles that you can take part in. All of these new bits of content offer up some really neat rewards and can even nab you some premium currency too!

Give the new Fatal Fury character a spin for free by downloading it at either of the links below!

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