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My life would benefit from the use of a daily planner. The structure it would provide would ensure that I never had to stay up until the wee hours finishing assignments that had slipped my mind, I’d never forget to ring my mother, and I’d be able to keep track of what I’d been up to at a glance.

I don’t use a daily planner, so my life is chaos.

Connect2Media knows what a good idea a bit of structure can be, so it’s applied the principle to its latest puzzle game. Actually, that should be puzzle games, as 365 Puzzle Club features sudoku, kakuro and tenpenki.

You’re no doubt familiar with sudoku, but perhaps not the other two. Kakuro is best described as a numerical crossword, where you have to fill in a string of intersecting number sequences that have to add up to the ‘clue’ value provided.

You might know tenpenki from games such as Picross on the Nintendo formats or Crosspix on mobile. You have a grid with number of clues next to each vertical and horizontal line. If the clue is, say, 3-1-3 you have to fill in squares matching that pattern.

They all have their distinctive charm, and each is rendered very well here with some bright and breezy presentation.

What elevates 365 Puzzle Club to the next level is, as mentioned at the outset, its structure. Calendar Tour mode lets you play a daily puzzle and keeps track of your performance across each month. At the end of each month you supply your overall score to an online leaderboard, so there’s an incentive for self-improvement and a healthy level of external competition.

Seasons mode is a slightly more traditional take on things, asking you to work your way across a game grid, beating puzzles in a certain time. It’s a meaty challenge and is a nice inclusion for those who want more than a daily nibble.

365 Puzzle Club doesn’t do anything major that we haven’t seen before, but it packs three excellent number puzzle games together within an interesting and flexible structure. If you’re in the market for yet more sudoku (or something a little different), this is one of the most well rounded packages on mobile.

365 Puzzle Club

365 Puzzle Club is a comprehensive round-up of grid-based number puzzles, incorporating Sudoku, Kakuro and Tenpeki, with a nice mix of daily-play and traditional game options