300 movie gets its own mobile game

Gore galore courtesy of Warner Bros' latest title

300 movie gets its own mobile game
| 300 The Mobile Game

Blood! Blood! Look at all the blood! But enough about our cellar.

If you're a keen moviegoer, you'll probably be aware of 300, a film about a legendary battle where 300 crack Spartan troops duffed up the entire Persian army (kind of).

Well, it's now spawned a mobile game too, called logically enough 300: The Mobile Game. And as you can see from the screenshots, it's just as bloodthirsty as the film, with more than 100 soldiers on screen at once slicing the bejaysus out of one another in real-time.

You play the heroic Spartans, obviously, and get to play through a story mode that follows the plot of the movie. There's also a challenge mode, and an intriguing-sounding multiplayer mode where two people can play on one handset, using just one button each.

Warner Bros says 300 plays like a casual arcade game, but will also tax your strategy skills to the max. We can't wait to try it; click 'Track It!' to be sent a sliced-off limb when we review it. Oh, alright, an email.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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