New intelligence on 24: Agent Down for mobile

24 sequel hoping to clock up another BAFTA

New intelligence on 24: Agent Down for mobile
| 24: Agent Down

Last week, in a secret location deep beneath the streets of London, we managed to prise new information and screenshots concerning I-play's upcoming sequel to the award-winning 24.

Yes, I-play is now the proud recipient of a BAFTA Gamer's Award for the original 24, which was the only mobile title to get a gong at the glitzy games industry bash. Check our shot of I-play's Keith Adair, reliving his 'I'd like to thank my agent...' moment with the trophy.

So what's the deal with 24: Agent Down? Due to go on sale in December, it follows on from the first game's mix of puzzle-solving and action.

Several new level types are included – for example, we played one where you have to clear a path for Jack Bauer, picking off guards using a night-vision sniper mode.

The game also features a new inventory system, so you can pick up, use and drop items as you progress through the action levels. Plus there's new rescue missions, the chance to play as Curtis and Chloe from the TV series as well as Jack, and an all-new storyline.

We'll be getting our hands on the full game imminently, before its release in early December. Could this be the spy game for the Christmas season? Click 'Track It!' to stay informed.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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