24 sequel sneaks onto mobile phones

Jack Bauer is back for another slice of handheld adventure

24 sequel sneaks onto mobile phones
| 24: Agent Down

I-play has announced its mobile games line-up for the next three months, and it's set to offer a treat for fans of grizzled agent Jack Bauer, as well as budding pool hustlers.

(And yes, that is two separate games, not a 24-themed pool title. Although it's a thought...)

24: Agent Down is the follow-up to last year's well-received 24: The Mobile Game. This time the plot involves CTU Headquarters being under siege, with you playing Jack, Curtis and Chloe as they try to escape, keep the terrorists out, and win the day – all without ever going to the loo.

The game features the same blend of puzzles and action missions as its predecessor, including code-breaking, baddie-chasing and that old spy fave, bomb-defusing. Click through the screens above to get the general idea. It's due out in early December.

Meanwhile, I-play is also chalking its cue for the release of 3D Pool: High Rollers, the latest incarnation of the publisher's pool sim.

Forget smoky clubs: in 3D Pool: High Rollers you're playing in a swanky Chicago bar, a New Orleans riverboat and a Las Vegas penthouse, buying yourself all manner of bling with your winnings. I-play is promising bags of trick shots, and more intriguingly 'uncommonly shaped' tables. The game is due out in November.

Finally, the publisher is also releasing Inca Quest, the temple-busting puzzle game that you may remember from our news story earlier in the year. It's also slated to arrive in November.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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