2112TD's latest update introduces a host of player requested quality of life changes

It's also on sale until December 27th

2112TD's latest update introduces a host of player requested quality of life changes
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Refinery Productions have released another update for their tower defence title 2112TD that introduces quality of life improvements and balance changes that have been requested by players. On top of that, it's also been reduced to 50% until December 27th, if you've previously been tempted but have been waiting for a sale before jumping in. 

Firstly, the tactical database has been overhauled and expanded. It will now include more detail statistical data about friend and foe alike. Meanwhile, there have been some tutorial improvements including the ability to skip it entirely. Loading screen tips have also been added when replaying maps.

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Elsewhere, tower charged attacks have received a buff, making them far more useful for slaying power monsters than ever before. This should help out in the rebalanced survival mode too, which now has a more gentle difficulty curve so you don't get stuck on the early waves.

Refinery Productions have also included several quality of life changes at player request as well. For instance, you can now play audio from another app whilst playing 2112TD. That means you can stick on a podcast or enjoy your own music whilst gunning down wave upon wave of enemies.

You'll also find additional tower platforms on some maps when playing survival mode and an extra one on Earth defence platform (Nightmare). A settings button has also been added to the main menu, which sounds like a minute alteration but it'll undoubtedly be a welcome one for fans of the series.

2112TD is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that currently costs $0.99.

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