2112TD looking for beta testers for its next big expansion planned to launch soon

2112TD looking for beta testers for its next big expansion planned to launch soon
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In June 2020, developer Refinery Games launched their very first project; a tower defence game entitled 2112TD. After seeing a ton of critical acclaim as well as a few major updates, 2112 is finally looking to launch a massive expansion, and is also looking for players to help beta test it too!

2112TD is, at its core, a love letter to classic PC tower defence games like Bloons TD or even the old Starcraft custom server mini-games. And, in the same vein as Starcraft especially, the aesthetics are dripped in that sort of old-school sci-fi RTS vibe where everything is sort of dark and bleak and almost 2D but not quite.

The gameplay is as you would expect from a well-put-together tower defence game. There’s a map with a lane that branches off into various paths, and you’ll have to adorn those paths and that lane with an assortment of defensive structures to fight off an alien invasion. They’ll come in large swarms, so you’ll have to be quick and strategic with your placement of structures like turrets, cannons, and artillery too.

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After introducing a new Nightmare difficulty mode in October of 2020 in the first major update, Refinery then went on to launch another huge update in June of last year that featured a brand new campaign called Aftermath with 3 new maps along with some other new features to unlock and an assortment of quality-of-life buffs.

Now, two years and some change after launch, Refinery is back to 2112td for a planned part 2 to that new campaign. Entitled Aftermath - Part 2, this new content will bring with it the same sort of things. Likely a few new maps, a ton of new structures to research and use to your advantage, and even bigger challenges to face.

However, to ensure this update is all that Refinery hopes it will be, they need some testers. That’s where you come in! As long as you are on iOS, you can sign up for the beta using this link here and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be selected to test out the early version of this expansion and provide feedback to make sure it comes out the best it can.

If you’re looking to try your hand at 2112TD yourself in the meantime, you can download it using the link below! You can also head over to the official Refinery Games website for a deeper look at the game to see what you’re getting into as well!

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