Win the World Cup single-handed!

Who needs Rooney? With Gameloft's cross-country mobile football tournament you can thrash the Germans on your own

Win the World Cup single-handed!
| 2006 Real Football

There are very few events that manage to unite the nations of the world in one harmonious sporting goal and to be frank the World Cup isn't one of them.

Whilst it may unite 32 countries geographically, the reality is less about fair play and understanding and more about tub-thumping pride, the propagation of national stereotypes and the dredging up of bitter rivalries. (Speak for yourself, I'm hoping to enjoy some bratwurst, berliners, and a fraulein or two – Ed).

All of which means that Gameloft might just have come up with the smartest move off the summer, with the launch of its cross-continental 2006 Real Football tournament over i-mode.

As if the game wasn't already good enough on its own terms (securing a rave review from us and topping the mobile entries in our PG World Cup poll), the ability to take on other players across Europe adds a whole extra dimension to gamers with an i-mode handset.

The cross-country competition will be supported by O2 in the UK and Ireland, with the tournament running until 9th July, enabling football fans plenty of time to get their practice in and take on the best players in Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel.

As if national pride wasn't enough to play for, contestants will also compete for a range of prizes including footballs, football boots, World Cup merchandising goodies and a plasma television.

You can buy the game itself here right now or get more info on the competition via the appropriate operator's i-mode portal (for Ingerrrland that's via O2).

So come on boys, let's get those thumbs warmed up – this is one trophy we might actually win!