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1sland is a multiplayer exploration game for iOS where players must race to find a specific island

The developers are referring to it as a Paddle Royale

1sland is a multiplayer exploration game for iOS where players must race to find a specific island
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1sland is an interesting sounding multiplayer game from developer Nada Studios who you might remember as the creators of the excellent Starman. Their latest effort sees players exploring the game world in a race to be the first to find the titular 1sland. It's available now for iOS but will be heading for Android, PC and Switch at a later date.

Even though this is a multiplayer game there is no violence to be found in 1sland. Instead, it's more competitive exploration than anything else, leading the developers to refer to the game as being a 'Paddle Royale'. Once the player has found the island they're free to customise it so the next person to discover it will see their design.

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To find the 1sland, players will be able to use a variety of different gadgets to discover its rough location. There are different flare variants that will tell you how far away the island is or which direction you'll need to sail. Beyond that, there's also a buoy you can drop behind your boat that will tell you how far you've travelled to help keep track of your progress.

Scattered throughout the world are various missions you can complete that will also help you climb the leaderboard, though naturally, you'll always ideally want to be finding the island. There are also several hazards such as whirlpools and icebergs that need to be avoided so they don't impede your progress.

The 1sland changes position every six hours and it will be in the same place for everyone around the globe, so Nada Studios are hoping this is a game that players will enjoy around the clock. It's also structured in seasons with the weather changing accordingly.

The game will have a Season Pass – called the Paddle Pass – monetisation setup that provides players with a host of cosmetic items and in-game currency. This Pass can only be purchased once per season, per player. Though looking at the App Store page there appear to be different pricing tiers for the Pass available.

1sland is available now over on the App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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