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Teaser reveals new and improved 11x11 will be ready in time for the 2018 World Cup

A whole new ballgame

Teaser reveals new and improved 11x11 will be ready in time for the 2018 World Cup
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Having just released the third instalment of action-packed Shadow Fight, Nekki already has eyes on its next big project. You may remember 11x11, a browser-based football manager game launched by the Russian developer in 2008. Despite making the transition to mobile only last year, it faces a dramatic overhaul ahead of 2018’s World Cup.

The first 11x11 on mobile sticks faithfully to the browser game’s guns, even down to the retro 2D graphics. The throwback theme hasn’t dissuaded players - the game has been downloaded over a million times since its release. Even so, Nekki will celebrate its home country’s first time hosting the World Cup by flinging 11x11 kicking and scoring into the 21st century. Gone will be the pancake-flat footy shirts floating around a snooker table. Instead, players – with limbs and everything – will run around on freshly mowed pitches fully rendered in glorious 3D. There will even be real-time PVP matches. It’s a whole new ballgame.

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Nekki’s Business Development Director, Nikita Korzhavin, explains: “As we were working on improving 11x11 in the past months, the new update was getting so huge and the technology was getting so advanced, it was impossible to make all the changes as an update of the current version of the game. That is why we started building a new version off 11x11 from scratch.”

Next year, Nekki will no doubt be hoping that luck will be on Russia’s side, both on the real pitch and on the digital pitch. You can look forward to the new and improved 11x11 arriving on Android and iOS in spring 2018.