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Football management sim 11x11 introduces a brand new 3D mode

See your team play in the visuals it deserves

Football management sim 11x11 introduces a brand new 3D mode
| 11x11

Whilst football coaches the world over ponder how to improve their teams ahead of the new year, Nekki is already ringing the changes for its popular football manager sim 11x11, giving its fans something very special to look forward to in its latest update.

As of today, 11x11 fans will finally get to see their teams play the beautiful game in a brand new 3D match viewer mode, and, although it might not be quite on the same level of triple-A footie sims like FIFA or PES, it definitely holds its own when compared to most management sims.

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For die-hard fans that still favour the game's classic retro 2D graphics, you'll be pleased to hear that this will still be kept intact, and you can switch between 11x11's 2D and 3D modes at any time.

There's plenty more to look forward to in the new year too, with Nekki hard at work to refine the game even further by adding a new rarity level for players and an exciting new 'Unions' feature - a guild system of sorts where dedicated players can form in-game communities to earn extra points and boosters.

For those that are yet to jump in the dug-out and test the game for themselves, you can find 11x11 available to download right now on the App Store and Google Play.