101-in-1 Games now available on Android for free

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101-in-1 Games now available on Android for free
| 101-in-1 Games

iPhone sales hit 101-in-1 Games has arrived on the Android Market, bringing its wealth of content to the platform for the first time.

The pack consists of 101 mini-games and riffs on popular titles, including Sudoku, darts, bowls, and the always popular ‘getting a base jumper through hoops before he hits the ground’.

I used to play that every weekend when I was little, anyway.

While deliberately bite-sized in nature, the collection managed to rack up some impressively large sales on iPhone, with the title breaking the top ten across Europe.

Even more attractive for Android users, though, is that their version costs the princely sum of nothing, compared to the iPhone’s 59p, so there’s no risk of wasting any cash if you don’t like any of the titles on offer.

101-in-1 Games is available to download now from the Android Market by following this link.

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