Real Arcade offer chance to BOGOF on T-Mobile

Bundle in for two award-winning games for the price of one

Real Arcade offer chance to BOGOF on T-Mobile
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Adhering to the old adage that you can never have too much of a good thing, those fine purveyors of casual games at Real Arcade are offering mobile gamers an alluring 2-for-1 bundle offer on several of its award-winning titles.

So far three variations of the 1+1 packages have been launched on UK operator T-Mobile, where you can get your hands on Summer Games 2 + Winter Games, Gem Drop + Pile Up or Luxor + 7 Wonders for just £5 per bundle.

As each of the individual titles secured our coveted silver award and 8/10 score (apart from Summer Games 2, which went gold, and Gem Drop, which somehow slipped our reviewing radar), the deal seems almost too good to be true, so it's hardly surprising that the packages have all entered T-Mobile's Top 10 bestsellers list.

Although Real's bundle offer appears to follow in the the trend that started with the announcement of i-Play's Absolute 2-for-1 range earlier this year, Real's ever-youthful Gunnar Larsen, director of Mobile Games Europe, disagrees. "The facility to offer this sort of bundle has been built into our game code for some time now," Larsen says. "It's also incredibly flexible, enabling us to bundle together virtually any combination of titles into a single file."

All of which suggests that we can expect to see further 1+1 packages appearing soon across a wider range of operators in the next few months.

That's by no means the end of Real's plans to spread the mobile gaming love. Larsen also brought us up to speed on Real's rather smart new mobile game demo portal, which enables UK mobile gamers to download test versions of Real's top titles. The download is free – aside from your usual data charge – and features time or feature-limited versions of the games that you can play to your heart's content.

The really clever part is that if you want to upgrade to the full version, you just have to click a menu option in-game to unlock it, with the charging process happening seamlessly behind the scenes.

Expect to hear a lot more on both of these developments and indeed Real's upcoming games list (which we also got a sneak peak at but aren't allowed to talk about yet – bah!) in the next few weeks.

Chris James
Chris James
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