Zuma’s Revenge takes it out on mobiles

Popcap and EA join forces to bring a frog to the small screen

Zuma’s Revenge takes it out on mobiles
| Zuma's Revenge

The hit casual game Zuma’s Revenge will be hopping and popping onto J2ME mobiles in August, courtesy of PopCap and EA Mobile.

The sequel to the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Zuma, Zuma’s Revenge continues the addictive bubble-popping format that made the original such a success on PC, Mac, Xbox- actually, think of any modern format - Zuma’s on it.

Zuma’s Revenge puts you back in charge of the multi-coloured ball-spitting frog as he attempts to match three of the same colour before a train of bubbles weaves across a track.

There are 60 levels to match your way through, the ability to ‘slide and hop’ to perform more accurate shots, and six tiki boss characters to fight.

Zuma’s Revenge is out now.
Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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