Zuma's Revenge

You could almost believe that mobile phones were originally made to play match-three puzzle games while out and about, before some bright spark came up with the idea of adding telecommunication functionality.

But those game systems have never forgotten their original purpose, and Zuma's Revenge is back to remind us why we carry mobile phones - to play match-three games.

Zum-ing in

Match-three is more closely associated with Bejeweled and its clones, but Zuma takes a very different approach to aligning three icons of the same colour.

It seems you've been stranded on a desert island or something, and take control of a ball spitting frog to stop the train of balls from reaching the end of the track. It sounds weird because it is, but the story really isn't why you're playing Zuma's Revenge.

Your frog is rotated left and right, and hitting the '5' button shoots a coloured ball into the moving, single-file train of coloured balls. Make a series of three or more, and those balls are removed from the snake.

Eliminating balls fills your Zuma-meter, which stops the flowing train once full. It's immensely simple to play, but incredibly addictive.

Bouncing balls

Zuma's Revenge ups the game on its predecessors with an unswerving attention to detail. The moving snake of coloured icons has a weight of physics behind it that's not been seen in previous games.

Eliminate a large number of balls, and the train not only grinds to a halt, but is often shocked into a sudden reverse. This momentum then smashes other balls in the chain to cause combos, while bonus items (such as slowing the line's progression) can be shot at if you're quick enough with your frog.

Chances are you've played an earlier version of Zuma, or some such game, but the underlying quality of the graphics, mechanics and gameplay in Zuma's Revenge means you won't regret buying a new addition to the long line of match-three games.

Zuma's Revenge

It's a game we've played many times before, but tweaked to all new depths of quality, this game definitely takes its revenge on all those Zuma clones
Spanner Spencer
Spanner Spencer
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