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Free iPhone game: Zogaj Memo Gym

Free on Wednesday 15th December for 'a day'

Free iPhone game: Zogaj Memo Gym
| Zogaj Memo Gym
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"Christmas Special: Download The FAAD App And Wish For A Top Rated Paid App Like "Zogaj -MemoGym or Zogaj -MemoGym HD" To Become Free For A Day!

"A little practice with Zogaj - MemoGym is the help I need"
Ben Pridmore - World Memory Champion

“I recently bought your new game and I love it. The best memory app so far.”
Florian Dellé - German Memory Master

“It can really help you to speed up, doing 60 cards is an amazing performance”
Boris N. Konrad - World Record Holder

Your brain loves to have fun!??
Making memory training effective is all about fun. When your brain is having fun, you remember better.
Kids from 4 to 124 years of age love to play Zogaj, the great memory game is now available for your iPhone.

Zogaj - MemoGym is the choice of professional memory champions. It is perfect when preparing your brain for the big championships, but still easy enough for a 4 year old to have fun with.??
The principles behind the gameplay is developed by the Swedish mastermind Idriz Zogaj. He has spent years developing the game, starting from techniques and practices used by professional memory masters.
"It's such a fun game! Best of all is that I beat Mom almost every time. It is cause I have such a great memory!" Marcus, 5


The Zogaj - MemoGym Team

Wayne Turton
Wayne Turton
Wayne's childhood ambition was to become a superhero. However, having been told that running round in tights is improper adult behaviour he now spends his days playing video games and watching cartoons instead. Millions of citizens sleep more soundly in the knowledge that he isn't watching over them.