X2 Football 2009 gets 1.2 update

Save replays, new mode and gameplay balance added

X2 Football 2009 gets 1.2 update
| X2 Football 2009

Our review of X2 Football 2009 certainly kicked up plenty of controversy, and the game itself has been selling well on European App Stores.

And now the 1.2 update has taken to the playing field with a wide range of tweaks and fixes as well as a set of new features.

Most notable are the improvements to the replay viewer, which now goes under the formal title of being "a fully-integrated replay viewer". This means you can save your replays allowing you to repeat your triumphant goals for all time (or as long as your iPhone lasts).

An international tournament mode, which allows players to compete against teams from any continent, has also been added.

Other tweaks include optimisations for the new iPhone 3GS chipset, several technical fixes and a changes to gameplay balance and team management based on internal play testing and direct customer feedback.

The game's producer Des Gayle commented: "This is just the first update. We've got plenty of other features to implement as we're able to integrate and sufficiently test them, so watch this space."

X2 Football 2009 1.2 is now available priced £3.99, and there is a free Lite version. Hit the Buy It! button to go directly to the App Store.