Words with Friends HD to bring Scrabble-by-email to iPad

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Words with Friends HD to bring Scrabble-by-email to iPad
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Newtoy Inc. has submitted an HD version of Scrabble-by-email game Words with Friends to Apple, and hopes to see the App for sale in time for the iPad's launch.

Newtoy Inc. has told Pocket Gamer that while Words with Friends HD will be a new app for the iPad, "all of your account information from your iPhone will transfer to your iPad," which will allow you to continue playing the same heated vocabulary battles no matter what device you're holding.

The iPhone version has free and paid versions, with the lite edition showing adverts between moves. Newtoy Inc. said that this will be true of the iPad version, but not at launch. "We have more work to do on the free version," the developer said, "It will be submitted as soon as possible."

If you live in Texas, you might want to celebrate the iPad launch at the Stonebriar Mall as Newtoy will be giving away Words with Friedns HD promo codes and T-Shirts. More details on the meet-up can be found on the developer's Facebook page.

The game will be priced at $4.99 (£2.99) and "barring any unforseen issues", it should launch alongside the iPad in America on April 3rd.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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