Word Connect cheats and tips - answers for some of the toughest early levels

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Word Connect cheats and tips - answers for some of the toughest early levels
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Word Connect is a level-based word search by Zenjoy. As you find the required words for each stage, you'll progress to the next level where a new set of letters and goal words await. While with enough persistence and trial and error you could eventually guess your way through every stage, sometimes you just want to move on and start fresh after a really tough attempt.

Our list below contains the answers for 20 of the game's most challenging stages within the first 103 levels. We've only included the goal words here: if you're trying to find bonus words for the prize box, try inputting words that are not included below. If you're looking for strategies for solving stages without the exact answers, check out our Word Connect tips and tricks guide.

The bird is the word
Level 31
Letters: A, C, O, T
1st Word: Act
2nd Word: Cat
3rd Word: Cot
4th Word: Coat
Level 39
Letters: H, I, R, S, T
1st Word: Hit
2nd Word: Sir
3rd Word: Sit
4th Word: Shirt
Level 44
Letters: D, E, I, T
1st Word: Tie
2nd Word: Edit
3rd Word: Tide
Level 46
Letters: B, E, L, N, O
1st Word: Bone
2nd Word: Lone
3rd Word: Noble
Level 47
Letters: A, C, L, M
1st Word: Am
2nd Word: Cam
3rd Word: Calm
Level 50
Letters: A, E, G, M
1st Word: Age
2nd Word: Gem
3rd Word: Game
4th Word: Mega
Level 71
Letters: A, E, H, M, S
1st Word: Ham
2nd Word: Sea
3rd Word: She
4th Word: Mash
5th Word: Same
6th Word: Shame
Level 75
Letters: H, O, S, T, U
1st Word: Hose
2nd Word: Shot
3rd Word: Shut
4th Word: Shout
5th Word: South
Level 77
Letters: A, G, P, R, S
1st Word: As
2nd Word: Gaps
3rd Word: Gasp
4th Word: Grasp
Level 79
Letters: O, R, T, T, U
1st Word: Tour
2nd Word: Trot
3rd Word: Trout
4th Word: Tutor
Level 81
Letters: C, D, L, O, U
1st Word: Cod
2nd Word: Old
3rd Word: Cold
4th Word: Loud
5th Word: Cloud
6th Word: Could
Level 88
Letters: A, G, L, S, S
1st Word: Gas
2nd Word: Lag
3rd Word: Sag
4th Word: Glass
Level 91
Letters: E, F, I, L, R
1st Word: Lie
2nd Word: File
3rd Word: Fire
4th Word: Life
5th Word: Flier
Level 92
Letters: A, I, S, T, V
1st Word: Vast
2nd Word: Visa
3rd Word: Vista
Level 93
Letters: D, E, I, N, X
1st Word: Den
2nd Word: Din
3rd Word: End
4th Word: Index
Level 96
Letters: D, G, O, R, U
1st Word: Dog
2nd Word: God
3rd Word: Our
4th Word: Gourd
Level 97
Letters: A, H, H, R, S
1st Word: Ash
2nd Word: Rash
3rd Word: Harsh
Level 100
Letters: A, E, H, P, S
1st Word: Ash
2nd Word: Has
3rd Word: Pea
4th Word: Sea
5th Word: She
6th Word: Phase
7th Word: Shape
Level 101
Letters: E, I, N, P, S
1st Word: Pen
2nd Word: Pie
3rd Word: Pin
4th Word: Sip
5th Word: Snipe
6th Word: Spine
Level 103
Letters: C, I, N, O, S
1st Word: Son
2nd Word: Coin
3rd Word: Icon
4th Word: Scion