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Christmas has come to Woody Cross: Word Connect Game

Christmas has come to Woody Cross: Word Connect Game

Athena Studios is spreading some festive cheer to thousands of puzzle fans with a new Christmas-themed update for its letter sorting puzzler, Woody Cross: Word Connect

Christmas has always been the perfect time for parlour games where families play with words, so the straightforward concept and rustic charm of Woody Cross already lends itself well to the holiday season. But now with the addition of a vibrant new festive theme and Christmas events, the oldie-but-goodie word game has set itself up as the perfect puzzle choice for a relaxing Christmas vacation.

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As far as word puzzlers go, Woody Cross: Word Connect still ranks high on our list of recommended titles, offering an engaging, old-school experience across over 6,000 levels of entertaining letter-mashing.

Anyone that’s played an Athena Studio title before will know that one of the most significant features of its games is their ability to create a relaxing experience, which is where Woody Cross manages to set itself apart from other word puzzlers that use a similar mechanic: there are no time limits to worry about, the soundtrack is pleasantly meditational, and the difficulty curve is extremely smooth to ease you into every challenge. There are also helpful boosters and power-ups for you to use during those times when it gets a bit too challenging.

Aside from its easy-to-play brain-teasing gameplay and elegant designs, there are a few other unique features that make Word Cross standout, including a dictionary and a photo collection. Players can use the dictionary to look up the meaning of words after each game to help improve their vocabulary and build up their photo collection by completing daily crossword puzzles.

If you’re ready to have a blast with words this holiday season then you can find Woody Cross: Word Connect Game available to download now for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.