Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is an upcoming game for Apple Arcade that allows you to create your own levels

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is an upcoming game for Apple Arcade that allows you to create your own levels
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Wonderbox is an upcoming 3D action-adventure game that's heading for Apple Arcade. It'll see you creating your own adventure story and gathering a team of players to make it even more exciting. The game will be heading to the subscription service soon, though there's no set release date just yet. 

You begin your journey on a path that’s full of surprise and challenges. The more you proceed the bigger and more surprising challenges pop up in front of you. The game refreshes these challenges every time you start anew. 

Utilising the elements of surprise at it’s best is the aim of the game, as it makes the journey more challenging and worth enjoying. Discover new modes and start completing various tasks which might contain massive rewards.

If you always wanted to create or add something to a game, then Wonderbox will allow you to do so. The game includes a new Creator Mode which will allow you to create your own story. Start with creating new characters, places, treasures and enemies.

The game allows all the customization a player could ask for. If you want to remodel your character and redesign the battle suits you are free to do so in any way you like. Travel to different places and create friendships with the people you meet.

There are never-ending challenges for you to solve. Travelling, fighting and solving puzzles is all you have to do. In addition, there’s a party mode to look for. In this mode, you can play with a team of 4 players along with your tribe members and carry on the adventure.

Wonderbox: Adventure Maker will eventually be available Apple Arcade. It's a premium subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of exclusive games on iOS.

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