Wolfenstein 3D Classic iPhone gets Platinum update

New update goes some way to filling the Doom sized void on the iPhone

Wolfenstein 3D Classic iPhone gets Platinum update

Earlier this week we learnt of Doom's long awaited submission to the App Store. Such news surely means that any true fan among us will already be salivating at the prospect of John Carmack bringing the glory days of FPS to the iPhone.

In the meantime, to whet our appetites id Software has released a major update to the original grandfather of all shooters, Wolfenstein 3D.

Reviewed back in March,
the original game for the iPhone won us over with slick controls and more than a hint of nostalgia. Now the Classic edition has been updated to Platinum things can only get better.

The arrival of the Platinum update brings with it heaps of new content including, the Spear of Destiny levels - containing 21 new maps, as well as five new bosses, a new enemy type - Ghosts, and most importantly of all the ability to create and download custom made maps.

What’s more, if you bought the original Wolfenstein 3D Classic then the update is free. And for those that didn’t (shame on you) - it's an absolute bargain at just £1.19 or $1.99.

Hit ‘Buy It!’ to see what you're missing.

Full details on creating and downloading custom maps are available here.

Tom Love
Tom Love
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