id Software makes iPhone Wolfenstein open source

And Doom is next

id Software makes iPhone Wolfenstein open source

John Carmack of id Software got the gaming world pretty damn excited when he announced that Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake would all be coming to the iPhone.

That said, more than a couple of homebrew developers who’d already done some sterling work porting those games to the iPhone were probably a bit put out about the whole thing. After all, if there’s going to be an official version, any homemade software would have to be buried.

But all of a sudden Carmack has announced that the iPhone adaptation of Wolfenstein will now become open source, and the code has been released to the programming public.

Accompanied by a 5,000 word diary on id’s iPhone progress, Carmack hopes the work that’s been done on the source code will now be picked up and evolved by the homebrew community (which it undoubtedly will be), while his studio concentrates on a new IP built specifically for Apple’s platform.

On top of all this, Carmack signs off by saying he expects the exact same thing will happen for Doom before too much longer. So, if you’re of a programming bent, swing on by id Software to learn more and grab the Wolfenstein source code.