Wild Rift 2.4d patch notes - A couple of much needed buffs

What changes did the Wild Rift Patch 2.4d

Wild Rift 2.4d patch notes - A couple of much needed buffs

In this season’s patch cycle in League of Legends: Wild Rift, 2.4d patch is the last. We have covered the previous three patches where there were major adjustments in champions abilities and base attributes.

The upcoming 2.4d update mainly focuses on Zed. Recently, it was found that Zed has been overperforming in the early game and it was fairly difficult for other champions to counter him once he obtained his core items and is ahead in gold.

Apart from that, there are also minor changes in other champions’ stats and a few bug fixes. As the patch update will go live next week, the developers have also released the new free champion rotation.

Blitzcrank (Buffed)


  • Mana: 75 → 50
  • Movement speed bonus: 70/75/80/85% → 75/80/85/90%

You may have noticed Blitzcrank’s mana consumption was too high when not equipped with proper mana regen items. Also, his movement speed needed a buff to help roam around the map. These buffs should rectify both issues.

Image via: Riot Games

Dr Mundo (Nerfed)

Base Stats
  • Health regen per level: 0.81 → 1.07
  • Health regen at level 15: 21 → 24
Infected Cleaver
  • Maximum damage vs monsters: 270/330/390/450 → 125/200/275/350

Dr Mundo will now struggle to dominate the jungle lane as Infected Cleaver has received a major nerf. From now on, Dr Mundo will be played as a sidelaner to bring the best out of him. However, the health regen has received a slight buff, which will allow him to hold his lane until the teammates provide backup.

Image via: Riot Games

Senna (Nerfed)

  • Mist Wraith spawn rate on minion kills: 7% → 3%

After the patch, there will be a slight delay in the Senna spawning as minion kills won’t reduce her spawn duration.

Thresh (Buffed)


  • (Passive) Bonus basic attack damage granted per soul: 1 → 2

In the current meta, Thresh is one of the best fighters and supports. With enough ADC champions in the team and Thresh as support, your team can easily outplay the enemy. To make Thresh more viable in the upcoming season, the developers have buffed the passive stacks.

Xayah (Buffed)

Base Stats

  • Attack Damage per level: 2.65 → 3.6
  • Attack Damage at level 15: 102 → 115

In the last patch, Xayah and her partner Rakan received a nerf on the AD skills that threw them out of meta. Patch 2.4d looks to make Xayah a better pick by increasing the AD stats.

Image via: Riot Games

Zed (Nerfed)

Shadow Slash

  • Base damage: 70/105/140/175 → 70/100/130/160
  • Bonus AD ratio: 80% → 70%

Zed was always an overperforming champion as there were no major adjustments to his skills and base attributes. With this update, the bonus AD ratio and base damage from skills have been nerfed. This will force players to rely on heavy damage items to inflict more damage on enemies who have equipped physical defence items.

Free Champion Rotation

Sep 30 - Oct 6:

Oct 7 - Oct 13

Do visit our tier list, as we will regularly update it according to the patch updates.