Wars of Prasia is now available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

This massive new MMORPG is making waves

Wars of Prasia is now available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Wars of Prasia, Nexon's massive new MMORPG, is out now in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Its arrival follows a successful launch in South Korea
  • The game promises massive territories to explore, and player contribution to a developing world

Wars of Prasia, Nexon's massive MMORPG is now available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau after a successful launch in South Korea.

Wars of Prasia, naturally, bills itself as an MMORPG with a difference; where every player takes a role in the crafting of the world. And while you can argue whether or not that's true, there's no doubt that it has the world massive enough to do so, with over 21 individual territories on its massive map.

Each territory features individual hunting grounds, boss difficulties and siege weapons. Developer Nexon claims to have gone to great lengths to ensure that any one guild can't gain a monopoly on multiple territories, aiding player freedom.

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We'd be disappointed if a game with a name like Wars of Prasia didn't have huge maps and individual contributions working towards a greater whole. It'd be a shame if we weren't able to contribute towards a war in a game named after one.

But the idea of being able to make every player's work meaningful, and to curb the influence of large guilds that often end up running other games, is going to take some stress-testing. With Wars of Prasia now available in other territories, we'll likely see if Nexon can handle the influx of new players and keep things balanced.

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