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Warpath best units divided by classes

Warpath best units divided by classes
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Today, we will break down the different units in Warpath. Everything that you need to know about them from their roles, their strengths and weaknesses and of course, how they stack up against each other. But, let's not forget, you'll also find out Warpath's best units!

If you are new to Warpath, there's a good chance you might feel somewhat overwhelmed or lost when deciding what you should do with your units. There are too many, to begin with. Should you invest your valuable resources or not? Which ones are the best?

Before we get into specifics, let's clear some things out first and talk about the game mechanics.

Units in Warpath are divided into classes. Some of these classes might be exclusive only to certain camps.

For example, Light Tank is only available to the Liberty faction, while Super Heavy Tank is Vanguard Division exclusive. At least for now. Future game updates might change that.

Assembly System

By combining a number of units, you can upgrade a unit into a better variant. For example, a VK.01 (H), which is the basic Vanguard Division heavy tank, can evolve into a VK 36.01 (H). The VK 36.01 (H) variant, can evolve into a Tiger (P), and so on. This process can be repeated until a unit reaches 7 stars, which is the final and most powerful variant currently.

Warpath's best unit for each class 

WW2 tank unit from Warpath

As mentioned above, units in Warpath are divided into classes. Some of them are available only to specific camps/factions. Units in each class, even though are not quite the same, do share some generic class characteristics.

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Light Tank

A type of unit that is only available to Liberty camp. Units in this class are known for their low armour and high mobility. They are especially effective against Anti-Tank Guns, Tank Hunters and Howitzers.

Medium Tank

An overall balanced class in terms of armour and mobility, Medium Tanks specialize in combat against Light Tanks and Tank Hunters.

Heavy Tank

A low mobility - high armour class, especially effective when facing Light and Medium tanks.

Super Heavy Tank

What Super Heavy Tanks lack in terms of mobility, they make up for it with ridiculous armour that allows them to survive great amounts of damage. Very effective against Heavy tank class units. Unique to Vanguard Division.

Infantry Troops

Infantry troops can activate 'Bunker' in order to reduce incoming damage. Highly effective against Anti-Tank and Tank Hunters, these units will typically lead your front-line.

Tank Hunters

Low armour, high mobility units that can penetrate through heavy armour. Units in this class are the biggest threat to Heavy tanks.

Anti-Tank Guns

Anti-Tank Guns is a class of units with no effective armour, but tremendous armour penetration. They pose the biggest threat to Super Heavy tanks.

Rocket Launcher

Long range attack units with very high mobility that are unique to Martyrs Watch. Very effective when attacking Infantry. Available only to Martyrs Watch


Unique to Martyrs Watch and Liberty camps, Howitzers specialize in taking down enemy infantry and bases.

These are just some very generic characteristics that units of each class share, but what are their differences? How do they stack up against each other? Below, we will answer this question for each and every class.


Faction Base Unit Final Variant
Vanguard Division M28 rifle squad Valmet M76 squad
Martyrs Watch Mosin-Nagant squad AKM squad
Liberty Camp Springfield squad M16 rifle squad

Infantry troops are ideal for the campaign. As a new player, if you don't want to run into problems in the mid-late game, that's something that you shouldn't neglect doing. With that being said, let's see how the Infantry of each class compares to one another.

  • Vanguard Division: Highest damage output compared to the other two squads, but also the lowest durability.
  • Martyrs Watch: The exact opposite to Vanguard Division squad. Highest durability but low damage.
  • Liberty Camp: A fine balance between damage and durability compared to the other two, with slightly higher range.

Based on that, and taking Infantry's role into consideration, the Martyrs' Watch squad is the overall best unit. 


Warpath logo

Since the Light Tank class is only available to Liberty Camp, and the Super Heavy class is only available to Vanguard Division, there's nothing really to talk about. With that being said, let's take a look at the other available tank classes.

Medium Tank
Faction Base Unit Final Variant
Vanguard Division Panzer II Panther Ausf. G
Martyrs Watch BT-2 T-44
Liberty Camp M2 medium tank Super Pershing

Medium tanks from each faction follow a similar pattern to the Infantry troops. The Vanguard medium tank has the highest damage output, and also the lowest durability among the three. The Martyrs Watch option scores the lowest in terms of damage, but it has the highest durability. Liberty's tank is more balanced in terms of offence and defence, while it also has the highest movement speed. Based on these facts, Liberty Camp is the best overall performing medium tank unit. 

Heavy Tank
Faction Base Unit Final Variant
Vanguard Division VK 30.01 Tiger II Ausf. B
Martyrs Watch T-28A IS-3
Liberty Camp Char B1 Black Prince
Comparing the stats of the German (Vanguard Division) and Soviet (Martyrs Watch) heavy tanks, we notice that they have the exact same values in terms of speed, damage and resistance. The only difference is that Tiger II Asf. B has higher armour thickness, while IS-3 has more durability. On the other hand, Black Prince has slightly higher durability than the Tiger II, the same armour thickness as the IS-3, but its damage output and speed are higher than both. On top of that, it has 300% bonus damage to buildings, which makes it the best unit in Warpath when it comes to heavy tanks.  Tank Hunter
Faction Base Unit Final Variant
Vanguard Division Marder I Jagdtiger
Martyrs Watch SU-76 ISU-152
Liberty Camp 75mm HMC M8 M36 Jackson

The Jagdtiger has by far the highest damage value, but at the same time, it lacks speed and armour thickness compared to the other two. The ISU-152 has the highest armour thickness as you would expect from a Russian unit, equal durability and resistance to the Vanguard Division tank, but it scores the lowest in terms of damage. The Liberty unit has the highest move speed and durability, while it comes second in terms of damage and armour thickness. There's no clear-cut best unit here, as it comes down to the different battle scenarios.

Siege Units

Faction Base Unit Final Variant
Martyrs Watch ZiS-3 305mm Br-18
Liberty Camp 6-Pounder Mk II 155mm M2

Rocket Launcher
Faction Base Unit Final Variant
Martyrs Watch BM-8 Launcher Prima Multiple Rocket Launcher

Vanguard Division, which is the only faction that possesses an anti-tank unit and a super heavy tank, doesn't have a siege unit. As for the Martyrs Watch and Liberty's units, there's no clear winner, as each one excels in different scenarios.  The Prima Multiple Rocket Launcher is the best choice when it comes to open-field combat due to its high mobility. 155mm M2 is the best base attacking option, while 305mm Br-18 is overall the best unit when it comes to base defence situations. 

Naturally, the best units in the game need the best crew members in order to be highly effective. Check out our Warpath best officers tier list and find out everything that you need to know. Also, make sure to redeem every available Warpath code that you can find! Claim a ton of free stuff for your account!

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