Limited move puzzler Warlock's Tower to launch on Switch and Vita later this month

Magic Mail

Limited move puzzler Warlock's Tower to launch on Switch and Vita later this month

The Warlock's Tower is ahead, and you're a particularly diligent postman with mail to deliver to the resident: Mr Evil Warlock. What could go wrong?

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There's this thing which used to crop up in a lot of martial arts action movies when I was growing up, a simple hit which sets up the target's heart on a timer. Three, or five, or ten steps and they drop dead as their heart stops. It was a strange ruleset, and I should think the more devious could probably have called for a wheelchair and had their legs removed were they still on their course for revenge.

Tim, the postman protagonist in Midpixel's Warlock's Tower, is bound to these same rules too. Too many steps and he dissolves into space. There are, however, a few ways to prolong your life. There are tokens which can be collected, these give you more steps, there are also portals and conveyor belts which can move you around without using up those precious steps.

The postman is later joined by a companion, who is also essential in helping you pass through the room — but it means you'll need to juggle between who is pushing what around, and in which order you activate buttons and the like.

Warlock's Tower was originally launched on PC back in early 2017, but it's a welcome addition to the Switch catalogue. While the Gameboy-esque art-style might not be for everybody, it's an exceptionally robust puzzler and one which I quite enjoyed tinkering with when it launched.

It will be releasing on the 29th of May for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and the PS Vita. Yep, the Vita.

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