Warframe: TennoCon 2024, what to expect and how to join wherever you might be

Celebrate the first TennoCon since Warframe's mobile release!

Warframe: TennoCon 2024, what to expect and how to join wherever you might be
  • Warframe's Tennocon 2024 is right around the corner
  • Here's even more info about what you can expect and how to participate
  • Whether you're attending in-person or digitally, you'll find plenty to view and enjoy

With Warframe's release to mobile, you'll finally be able to experience a game almost ten years in-the-making, and one that's built up a massive following. Case in point; TennoCon 2024. This massive convention is dedicated solely to Warframe, but what can you expect from it? And more importantly, how can you join in?

Well, in-game it's pretty easy. Simply go to the in-game star chart during the TennoCon period, and you'll be able to access the aptly named TennoCon 2024 Relay. You'll be able to interact with other players and show off your Fashionframes to celebrate TennoCon.

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It's probably too complex to go over attendance in person, and a bit beyond our remit. But if you are already making the trip to TennoCon 2024 you'll be excited to know that members of the Warframe voice cast, including fresh additions like Gianni Matragano and Nick Apostolides will be in attendance to meet with fans.

Finally, for those not able to make it for either, you can still benefit from some amazing rewards by checking in on the official Twitch streams for the events, as well as participating in some top giveaways and digital goodies from the developers.

You can check out more info on TennoCon 2024 right here on the official site!

That's a lot

Yes, it is. Like we've said before, Warframe is a beast all of its own, as a cult-classic game that's been going for years with tons of content and a massive fan following, it's quite intimidating for us to cover let alone for new players to get into. But we think it's well worth a guy.

And if that's still not enough to sway you, why not take a look at our latest entry in our regular feature of the top five new mobile games you need to try this week?

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