Thomas was Alone creator on why Vita stealth game Volume won't be violent

Plus: is a 3DS or mobile launch on the cards?

Thomas was Alone creator on why Vita stealth game Volume won't be violent
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Anyone who has played a bunch of stealth games knows what to do when we see a guard with their back turned to us.

We pull out a knife, or perhaps a silenced pistol, or maybe even our bare hands as we close up tight behind the oblivious foe and go in for the kill.

But what if violence wasn't the only way to handle this familiar situation?

That's what Thomas was Alone creator Mike Bithell asked as he began working on his upcoming stealth game Volume.

Described as the "Metal Gear Solid 3 I would have made", Bithell's Volume is almost completely non-violent. You only have one move at your disposal, and it knocks your opponent out for a short period of time.

"Killing unbalances a stealth game", he explains.

The ultimate goal for Volume, then, is to think creatively and strategically to avoid your opponents - and not to rack up an impressive body.

Back in August, we weren't sure what consoles Volume would appear on but Bithell spilled the details to in a recent interview.

Volume is coming to the Vita first because Sony's "been awesome", and Bithell's even "had a meeting with Nintendo" which might mean that Volume could appear on the 3DS in the near future.

Ultimately, Bithell would like his games on as many platforms as possible - and he's not ruling out smartphones, tablets, or even microconsoles like the GameStick or Ouya for Volume.

If you want to read the full details of the interview, and Bithell's take on being indie, click on this blue word right here.

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