Mike Bithell's newly announced stealth game Volume may sneak onto PS Vita

Sneaky, sneaky

Mike Bithell's newly announced stealth game Volume may sneak onto PS Vita
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Volume is the next title from Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell. It's a third-person stealth game with a focus on user-generated content.

As with most stealth games, it requires you to silently navigate past patrolling guards and steal items without being spotted. You'll also be able to create and share your own levels using simple tools.

So far Bithell hasn't announced which platforms Volume will appear on, but early signs point to a PS Vita release.

In May 2013, Bithell tweeted that he was showing Volume to Sony with a view to releasing the game on the PlayStation 4. Shahid Ahmad, Sony's business development manager, also tweeted positively about the prospect of bringing Volume to PS4.

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Here we step firmly into the realm of informed speculation.

Sony is keen to attract indie developers, having brought the Indie Games PlayStation Store category to PS Store amid much fanfare in June. And, of course, Thomas Was Alone is available on PS Vita.

The upshot of all this circumstantial evidence is that Volume is pretty much - though not entirely, but certainly very probably - definitely going to come to PS Vita.

We'll hear more news about Volume during GameCity 8 in Nottingham this October. Volume will be out - almost certainly on PS Vita - next year.

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