Vermitron is an ultra old-school tower defence twin-stick shooter that's now available for mobile

Vermitron is an ultra old-school tower defence twin-stick shooter that's now available for mobile
| Vermitron
  • Vermitron is a newly available twin-stick shooter with tower defence elements
  • It promises crunchy, retro-graphics and gameplay
  • First released in 2021 for PC it's now available on mobile

There are a lot of hidden gems on PC that haven't yet made the jump to mobile. But that changes today with the release of Vermitron for iOS and Android. Originally developed by FobTi Interactive and coming to mobile courtesy of Clickteam, Vermitron was first released back in January 2021 for PC and is now available to play in the palm of your hand. You can buy Vermitron now for $2.99 on both iOS App Store and Google Play.

Vermitron is set in the distant future on Bloombase 9, where your task is to defend the last flower from Old Earth against hordes of invading insects. To do so you'll need to mix tower defence tactics with twin-stick shooter action, collecting new resources and credits to buy upgrades, and ensuring the flower is adequately defended, while you explore other rooms on the base. It boasts some impressively crunchy, old-school graphics and chirpy chiptune music.

Intergalactic garden warfare
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While your first thought might go to Plants vs Zombies, from what we've seen the more open movement and freeform approach of Vermitron couldn't be more different. Admittedly the graphics - as monochrome and impressively authentic as they are - may be offputting to some, but for a certain group of players, they'll greatly enjoy this throwback to twin-stick shooters and tower defence games of yore.

We're also glad to see an underrated indie game finally get a release on mobile, where it'll hopefully find a whole new audience as a result. Although we're yet to see how well the gameplay translates to mobile, for fast-paced action and retro play, you could hardly pick a better platform.

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