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Mega Man-style platformer Venture Kid is the most 80s game on iOS

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Mega Man-style platformer Venture Kid is the most 80s game on iOS
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The Mega Man-inspired platformer Venture Kid is now available on the App Store. And you don't even need to blow on your iPhone to get it to work.

This action game is about a kid named Andy who suits up and goes on an adventure to defeat the evil Dr. Teklov. He's evil because he's about to build a secret weapon. That's pretty evil.

There are nine stages to work through - which sounds short, but the game will spend so much time kicking your butt that you'll get your money's worth.

Plus, each stage comes with a boss, secret areas, and handy power-ups.

Inspired by classic NES games, Venture Kid has retro 8-bit visuals and a chiptune soundtrack. And while it has sharp touch controls, it's also got support for MFi joypads.

A little birdy told me that we'll be giving this one a good review, and will call it "A fun and angry old fashioned platformer. It won't be for the faint of heart, but the bravest will find a lot to like here".

Venture Kid is 79p / 99c, and does have in-app purchases to make the game easier.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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