Nexon is expanding its RPG title, V4, by adding a new region and lots more with the latest content update

Nexon is expanding its RPG title, V4, by adding a new region and lots more with the latest content update
| V4 (mobile)

Nexon’s popular PC and mobile cross-platform MMORPG V4 has received a huge content update that’s introducing new areas including Mt. Helendia, Alliance Journey Chapter 9, new companions, conquests, field bosses and more. The massive update is now live in-game and ready to play.

The biggest addition to the game is the new area, Mt. Helendia which has been added to the region of Syllunas. With this area comes a new regional boss, Lazuka, who will appear in random locations at 19:00 every day.

Defeating the boss will entitle you to an Elimination reward that includes Chaos Defense Gear Blueprint, Epic Accessory, Evenfall Essence and Normal~Epic Lazuka Demon Stone. The special rewards can be instantly claimed once the boss is defeated and the same rewards can be claimed when the boss respawns the next day.

Travel to the new Lunatra dimensional gate, Mt. Oblivion, for more exploratory adventures. In order to enter the gate, players must complete Alliance Journey Chapter 9 Episode 5: A Courage-Inspiring Sage.

The Lunatra Dimension will feature Oblivion Lazuka as its regional boss and elimination rewards such as the all-new Legendary Eldon Cloak, Epic Gear, Punisher’s Elixir, Normal~Epic Lazuka/Oblivion Lazuka Demon Stone.

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Apart from all the above, the game will add a lot of other items and improve the current state of the game by fixing major bugs and optimizing the gameplay experience. To introduce celebrate the latest update, the game will hold few events globally for players.

  • Gold Specimen 14 Day Check-in: Players will have to log in for 14 days to claim +6 advanced Epic defence gear till Friday, April 30th.
  • Gold Specimen Special Mission: Players who complete the mission will get Cassel's Advanced Epic Gear Gift Chest, available till April 30th
  • Fanden Token Collection Event: Get an exclusive chance to collect Fanden Tokens to get Rare and Epic companion contracts.

V4 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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