Muddy Hell!

V-Rally slides onto mobile for a second time, complete with swish 3D visuals

Muddy Hell!
| V-Rally 3D

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Colin McRae series is the only rally game worth playing on any format, but you'd be wrong. Atari's V-Rally might not be as high-profile as the flying Scotsman's franchise, but it's still turned out some decent racers down the years.

UK publisher iFone already has one V-Rally mobile conversion under its belt, but now it's gearing up for a second. V-Rally 3D features spanking new 3D graphics, with 12 tracks spread across three locations – each with their own unique features and track conditions.

You can battle the clock in Time Attack mode, take on a more in-depth challenge in Championship mode, or even pit your wits (or reactions) against other players in the Multiplayer mode. Well, we say multiplayer, but it's more a connected mode: you download other players' performances from a server and race against their ghost car.

The game is out now. Intriguingly, iFone also has the mobile licence for Sega Rally, the game that started it all back in the early '90s. It'll be interesting to see how that game differs when it comes out, presumably later this year.