Rumour: Angry Birds spin-off where the pigs are the stars due out this year

Control the pigs, protect the eggs

Rumour: Angry Birds spin-off where the pigs are the stars due out this year

Tired of flinging fowl? Well, Pocket Lint is reporting that Rovio will release a new game in the Angry Birds universe later this year that will allow players to control the pigs instead of the birds.

The new game will have players protecting stolen eggs from the onslaught of incoming, angry birds and should be out before Christmas.

Although the porcine perspective of the game is new, the gameplay will resemble traditional Angry Birds right down to the wooden catapult and notoriously unstable buildings.

When can pigs fly?

Also similar to Angry Birds, the upcoming 'Angry Pigs' game will feature a number of different pigs each with different skills and uses.

From the few details available, it appears that the player will fire these pigs at incoming birds in order to protect their stash of stolen eggs.

Although there is no telling how popular this new game will be, the stratospheric sales of Angry Birds Space suggest that Rovio will be sitting even higher on the hog after its release.

We will keep you informed with new details, screenshots, and other information regarding this title (like its actual title…) if and when they become available.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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