Drug Lords transforms into Underworld

The more acceptable face of iPhone drug dealing, apparently

Drug Lords transforms into Underworld

When it comes to approving new wares for the App Store, it seems Apple has become increasing temperamental of late, rejecting several potential offerings. But while the world may indeed be better off without a novelty fart sound app (rejected several weeks back), we're hoping Drug Lords doesn't meet a similar fate.

You see, developer a-steroids contacted us to announce the game has finally been submitted to the App Store. Assuming approval, you should be able to start hawking your illicit narcotics sometime in December. But, in order to grease the wheels, the game has undergone rebranding. So, like a GTA hot car respray, it's goodnight Drug Lords, good morning Underworld. The name is less controversial and certainly more App Store friendly.

The game sets you up a small-time drug pusher, selling your stash on the local street corner to other players, and even makes use of the iPhone's GPS functionality, meaning you'll be wheelin' and dealing from your realworld local street corner. For more info on how it all works, check out our exclusive video Underworld preview.

And from the fresh screenshots a-steroids has sent over, it's also clear Underworld has undergone further polishing in the graphics department. There are a couple of game enhancements on display too: the map screen now includes data on pushers in your local vicinity, and fans of Hunter S. Thompson will be pleased to note peyote has been added to the list of drugs on sale.

Here's hoping for the incoming fear and loathing...