App Army Assemble: Trivia Crack X

Can it live up to its name?

App Army Assemble: Trivia Crack X
| Trivia Crack X

Trivia Crack X is the powered-up sequel to the App Store hit, Trivia Crack. The new version is way more focused on social play, as you can now create your own questions, personalise them with photos or videos, and then share across all your social media channels.

We gave early access to our hardened team of mobile gaming experts in the App Army, to get their thoughts on the latest App Store quiz game sensation. Read on to get their thoughts.

Laura Egri

This game is like Marmite - you'll either love or hate it. It's a clever approach as, rather than give you a bunch of questions to answer, it makes you the trivia master.

Armed with a customizable template and a surprising array of editing tools, the whole operation is as simple as sharing a message or posting a selfie. You can set up a question about whatever subject that crosses your mind.

The editing tools are easy to use with a clear and well-designed interface, and you can upload your own backgrounds, photos, and drawings. Then you can share your questions with your friends on the social media of your choice.

If that sounds fun to you then you should check it out as it's very well put together and easy to handle.

Sjoerd de Jong

I'm really confused by this. All you can do is make up a question and some answers and upload a picture, which generates a trivia question to share with your friends. You can then share this to social media.

I think friends then have to answer the question in their head, and then check the video to see if they're right or not.

It's a fun idea but it's no more than a content generator.

Kainen Ryan

Wow. This is insanely boring. I'm not going to put this game down as it seems to be well put together but let's just say it's not my cup of tea.

Oksana Ryan

I rarely find a game I don't want to play but this is one. I have tried to be fair and give it a good go but I just didn't like it.
Before I even began it requested access to my photos and camera. Then I had to choose a picture, write a question based on it, and share it on the social media of my choice.

This is fine and dandy but I found very few pics that I could use in a quiz. I know you can take photos to suit the question but it just felt like hassle. Why should I do all the work?

I love quizzes and this would be great if you didn't have to use your own photos and instead had some stock photos you could play with. But, as it stands, it feels like an opportunity - missed.

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