Toyforming is an upcoming sandbox game that converts 2D drawings into 3D objects using AI

Toyforming is an upcoming sandbox game that converts 2D drawings into 3D objects using AI
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Toyforming Studios have just announced a family-friendly, artistic creator sandbox called Toyforming for mobile. It enables players to tap into their creative persona by letting them draw whatever they set their mind to and it will be converted into a three-dimensional life form in front of their eyes.

That’s right. Toyforming employs the power of artificial intelligence which will seamlessly convert all 2D designs into 3D objects. Players can draw just about anything ranging from animals to plants and vehicles, all of which will come to life in a world the artist has created themselves. An added augmented reality feature will allow everyone to see their beautifully created planet in the real world.

Speaking about the game, Kaz Sasaki, CEO of Toyforming Studios, said: “Toyforming is universal game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. It appeals to adults and children alike since all that's needed is an active imagination and the sky’s the limit. Toyforming’s gameplay also presents a visual way to learn new words. This gives it huge potential as a tool to teach new languages, so we are currently looking to add more language options in the future.”

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Players will be supreme commanders of this little universe as they will be able to control all its aspects including the environment and time of day as well. The daytime and nighttime looks will be drastically different from one another. All these amazing creations can also be saved and shared with friends and family.

Toyforming will prove to be an excellent tool for boosting children’s imaginative capabilities with adults having their fair share of fun too. The title has also been awarded the Media Highlight Award at the Bitsummit X-Roads 2022.

If you're interested in trying Toyforming out, then pre-register by using either of the links below. It will be a premium title that costs $7.99 or your local equivalent.

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