Townsmen 5 rules the mobile game roost

For the first quarter of this year, anyway

Townsmen 5 rules the mobile game roost
| Townsmen 5

You might remember our story last week, on research conducted for showing Gameloft as the leading mobile publisher when it came to review scores for the first quarter of this year.

(If not, why not read it now?)

Anyway, the research was based on review scores from five mobile game review sites - not just Pocket Gamer, but four of our rivals too. And now our sister site has analysed the same set of data to figure out which games did best in the same period.

The winner? Townsmen 5, which was developed by HandyGames and published by Disney Mobile. It scored an average mark of 8.83 out of 10 on the three sites which reviewed it.

Also riding high were THQ Wireless' Puzzle Quest and In-Fusio's Nowhere. For the full rundown, you'll need to check out the story though.