In-Fusio offers mobile spin on Tower Defence

It's called Tower Wars, and it's out soon

In-Fusio offers mobile spin on Tower Defence
| Tower Wars

Heard of Tower Defence (or, if you're American, Tower Defense)? It's something of a craze online, with numerous Flash games based on the basic concept of frantically building towers to repel infinite lines of enemy invaders.

The concept is ripe for mobile game versions, and several developers have been doing just that. We quite enjoyed Tower Defense: Wrath of Gods, for example.

But now In-Fusio is getting in on the action. The company hopes its accessible action will appeal to mainstream mobile gamers rather than just strategy buffs.

There's even a plot, which sees you playing a 'time guardian' who has to travel back in time, preventing a nefarious god called Chaos from overturning famous historical events. For example, imagine if Rome hadn't collapsed, if Germany had won World War II, or if Bill Clinton had said "Sorry Monica, I've got a headache tonight. And I'm all out of cigars..."

(Okay, that last one isn't in the game. But it should be.)

Anyway, Tower Wars promises three game modes, a bunch of different historical locations, and simple controls. It could be great fun, so we'll be testing it as soon as the game is ready for review.