Touchgrind BMX 2: Tips to help you on the peddles

Touchgrind BMX 2: Tips to help you on the peddles

Time to get tricky

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Touchgrind BMX 2 is one of the many games in the Touchgrind series and, like its sister game Touchgrind Skate 2, it requires the use of your fingers to make tricks happen. BMX 2 is a blast to play, and the areas you ride in are pretty to look at. There are numerous locations that you can unlock and purchase overall.

You can also buy crates which will enable you to earn some sweet new bikes. They don't give you boosts of any kind, but they just look stylish. The usual goal of the game is to score as many points as you can before you cross the finish line. You repeat a level as much as you'd like to achieve your best score.

By completing an area more than once, you'll better your chances of leveling up. By getting your level up, you'll be able to unlock new parks to ride in. It's not super hard to land tricks, but it's still immensely satisfying when you do nail a few in a row. Here are a couple of things to help you on your next run.

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Work on your landing

Landing is pretty much everything in Touchgrind BMX 2. If you can't land, then you won't score in this game. It's easy to do the landing since all you need to do is put two fingers on your screen to get in the proper position. However, your timing will play a role in how you land.

Holding both fingers on the screen will reset your bike, but it may still be out of position. And when it's out of position, a nice, nasty crash awaits. And then that nice score you built up is gone so definitely be sure to take the time to practice landing.

Just remember that doing the land is the easy part. It's just all about timing.

Don't overdo it

OK, so what do I mean by not overdoing it? I mean, try not to get too cute with your tricks, at least when starting out. If you are only capable of landing a 360, then do that instead of going for a 540. You may cause yourself to get out of landing position as we mentioned in the previous tip.

So to start out, go light on tricks. By landing the smaller moves, you'll get your multiplier up which will give you a great score. I know you want to go crazy and do some awesome stuff, but you'll find great satisfaction doing small tricks and racking up the points.

Once you start to get more comfortable with your ability to land, then you can graduate to tougher tricks and really start to pile up the score. Just remember that you don't need to do anything godly out there. Just be consistent. Avoiding crashes and landing tricks regularly lead to success.

Get comfortable with each location

More than likely, you're going to play a track more than once, so it's a good idea to get yourself familiar with it. Once you do, you'll know what ramps or turns are coming up. This may not sound like much, but it can be helpful. Your score has the potential to get better once you recognize everything. 

Not saying you need to take some deep dive into the tracks, but just playing it a few times and knowing what's coming up. Luckily, you can't go off course or anything, so the only way you can really crash is if you have a hiccup on your landing. But, by understanding each track's layout, you can avoid more crashes. 

Some ramps may be shorter than others so you won't get as much airtime. Meanwhile, you have others that are larger and will really let you show out. Also, there are times where you need to jump over things too (like a small broken bridge) so keep that in mind too. 

Watch the multiplier meter

This is something that we sort of eluded to earlier but didn't really dive into it. The multiplier meter will be a pivotal role on your journey to a high score. This meter will build up when you hit consecutive tricks. Depending on the difficulty level of the move, you can see it soar in one trick. 

The bar goes up to X8 and if you can hit a few more tricks before you reach the finish line, you'll see a handsome final score. If you want to reach X8 though, just make sure to execute your moves early and quickly build it up. A nice blend of smaller and bigger moves will help. 

A Tail Whip is actually one of the easier tricks to land and it can reward you decently if you spin a few times. So definitely give that a shot as you try and build up your meter. Just try and switch it up a little bit and you'll be scoring like there's no tomorrow. 

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