Tornado storms onto DS

Wreak havoc with your very own giant vacuum cleaner

Tornado storms onto DS
| Tornado DS

Ignition Entertainment has announced it has partnered again with Success, the studio behind Zoo Keeper DS, to bring the game Tornado to DS.

As you might expect from the name – assuming your imagination is as twisted as ours – Tornado lets players wreak havoc, uprooting everything in their paths with their own personal storm, on a mission to, er, stop a prince armed with a 'Black Hole Device'. As said royal nicks as much stuff from Earth as possible, character Toki and other members of the Cosmic Cleaner crew set about restoring it all using their 'Tornado Machines'.

These devices are capable of throwing around vehicles, buildings and even people, as well as other more obscure items. It can also be levelled up throughout the game and is controlled using a combination of stylus controls and, you guessed it, the DS microphone.

A main Story mode is planned, as well as an Arcade option in which players can go back to levels they've completed to pick up items they might have missed or just enjoy the destruction of uprooting more buildings. There's also a Battle affair where two players are able to go head-to-head wirelessly in a race to collect items. Finally, a Bonus mode enables you to view everything you've collected and listen to bonus soundtrack pieces you've found.

The last tornado game we played was Tornado Mania 3D on mobile, which got us pretty hooked on the havoc of whizzing about as a big storm collecting things up, Katamari Damacy-style. If Tornado on DS proves as much fun, and isn't too reliant on us wheezing into the DS microphone, we should be in for a treat.

Unfortunately there's only a US release date at present for it: this autumn. But we'll obviously let you know if the storm looks set to blow our way too at any point.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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